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Wine Rack

This wine rack was custom made to fit on a kitchen counter although this design could be modified to provide you with a wine rack to fit in other types of locations. This is primarily a vertical configuration wine rack but the design will work for a horizontal wine rack as well.

Many wine racks functionally hold your bottles for storage and/or display. My wine rack design provides the stylistic element of a carved depression that cradles each bottle. For those of you that appreciate wine, as we do, a wine rack like this gives you the feeling that your wine "feels" appreciated, not simply being stored but being gently supportd by the carved and sensuous shapes. .

Sized to hold bottles as large as 1.5 liters this wine rack is an attractive and versatile display. It was designed for wine lovers who wanted a wine rack in their kitchen to augment the more substantial wine rack in their cellar. It could function equally as well in your cellar for those very special bottles.

Cherry Wine Rack
18" tall, 10" wide

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