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Desk Clocks

These small clocks are called desk clocks by most everyone who sells them and unfortunately that limits many people to thinking that desk clocks only go on desks. I have lost several sales at shows when I wasn't able to respond to an overheard conversation like "this desk clock would be a great gift for Jim but he doesn't have a desk!". Desk clocks are great for the bathroom, by the bed, on a book shelf, in the kitchen, etc. etc, etc. Desk clocks work great for that little space where you need a clock to know when you are running late. And, of course, a desk clock makes a great desk accessory.

Desk clocks make great gifts because they are guaranteed to be appreciated gifts; they can go in any room or be taken to your work or office or, dare I say it, easily re-gifted.

The desk clock face pops out easily (using your fingernail) to change the time or replace the battery. They take a sandard watch battery.

Desk clocks are available at wholesale prices in quantities of 10 or more for corporate gifts, wedding party gifts, teacher gifts, or if you just want to get a beautiful desk clock for everyone on your holiday gift list. Call or send e-mail:

David Barclay
(585) 494-1979
Desk Clock Style 1

Desk Clock, Style 1

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Desk Clock Style 2

Desk Clock, Style 2

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Desk Clock Style 3

Desk Clock, Style 3

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Desk Clock Style 4

Desk Clock, Style 4

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Desk Clock Style 5

Desk Clock, Style 5

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