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Wine Bottle Stopper

I believe that Wine Bottle Stoppers, although a small gift item, deserve the same attention to design, detail and craftsmanship that more significant pieces do and I construct them of individual pieces that I slice on the bandsaw. All of the colors are natural colors of the woods used -- I do not use stains or dyes.

The wooden top easily unscrews so the metal piece can be washed. These Wine Bottle Stoppers will seal the bottle well when laid horizontally in a wine rack or refrigerator shelf.

These Wine Bottle Stoppers can be used for oil bottles and other bottles as well.

Note: I make these wine bottle stoppers individually and every one is unique. If you have a preference for a particular wood or color indicate that in your order while checking out or send me a separate e-mail after checking out..


  • 1-5/8" diameter -- styles 1, 2, and 3
  • 1-3/8" diameter -- styles 4 and 5

Choice of Wine Bottle Stopper styles:

  • See Images Below
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Wine Bottle Stopper Style 1

Wine Bottle Stopper Style 2

Wine Bottle Stopper, Style 3

Wine Bottle Stopper Style 3

Wine Bottle Stopper Style 4

Wine Bottle Stopper Style 5

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