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2 Bar Wallmount Necklace Holder

This wallmount necklace holder is designed to present your necklaces and bracelets for easy access and keep them from tangling. There are 29 handmade pins arranged on 2 bars with the bars staggered (at different distances from the wall) so that the necklaces hanging from the upper bar will not interfere with the necklaces on the bottom bar. The hanger (a d-ring) is designed for easy and secure hanging on your wall. My design for a wallmount necklace holder is attractive enough to hang on your bedroom wall (a piece of art in itself) and compact enough for your closet or the back of a door.


  • 15" wide, 5 1/2" tall, stands 2" from wall
  • 29 necklace pins identical to the handmade pins on the Necklace Trees

Choice of Woods:

  • Cherry
Price: $119
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2 Bar Wallmount Necklace Holder

2 Bar Wallmount Necklace Organizer.

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