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Wine Stopper, Style 1

Never one to do anything the easy way, I assemble my wine stoppers from many pieces of wood for the most striking visual effect.

As a woodworker, I appreciate the way they look and the way they feel in your hand. But I take my wine seriously, so I appreciate the functional aspect of these stoppers: they keep oxygen from degrading that bottle of wine you want to finish tomorrow. The rubber seal will also keep a bottle of wine from leaking when stored on its side in the refrigerator.

These stoppers can be used for oil bottles as well, and they make great gifts.

Note: I make these bottle stoppers individually and , unlike those of other turners, every one of mine is different. I will not be able to send you one that is identical to that pictured below but I will choose the closest match available from my stock with the woods listed.


  • 1-5/8" diameter

Choice of Woods:

  • Maple with walnut
  • Bloodwood with walnut
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